Your Results Depend on Y.O.U.

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A job hunter’s focus is to create interviewing opportunities to quickly return to work. My mission as a career coach is to recommend proven, proactive, and productive strategies to strengthen your candidacy and shorten your search time. Together, we fine tune your search activities to get you hired.

Many talented candidates automatically and indefinitely blast out resumes to employers and friends, and that’s where their energies end. They’re doing these same activities as everyone else, so is it a surprise when they aren’t standing out from their competition? When job hunters fail to introduce and market their value directly to internal hiring managers, how successful can their passive search be in selling their leadership skills? These candidates are baffled that interviews aren’t pouring in.

Are you one of these highly motivated, talented job seekers eager to find a stimulating opportunity but instead experience lackluster results? Do you want to learn how to feel empowered and excited by attracting employer attention to increase interviews and job offers? Job hunting tasks can quickly become a frustrating energy drain when a job offer isn’t in sight. Who’s responsible for turning around your results to get you hired?

You Are the Magic!

All of your job search activities depend on Y.O.U. Your results depend entirely on yourefforts, so choose to view this as both exciting and empowering, rather than frustrating and overwhelming. Accept full responsibility that your success is the direct result of your adopting and applying smart strategies using LinkedIn. Applying what you learn is the key. Your outplacement firm, career coach, college advisor, girlfriend’s parents, or the neighbor’s-cousin-who-typed-your-resume isn’t responsible for how well you’ve chosen to navigate your search to set yourself apart from other candidates. Orchestrate your own marketing campaign even while college buddies, former co-workers, and members of your fan club promise to “keep their ears opened”. Consistently review daily job ads, introduce yourself directly to company decision makers, and become an exceptional interviewer. It’s your work to do ~ All of it. Are you open to working smarter?

Your Results Depend on Y.O.U.

Transform your search campaign from energy drain to actively interviewing:

Your “prime real estate” is the top half of both your resume and LinkedIn profile content. “Wow” the hiring reader with succinct information describing how your core competencies, transferable skills, and performance accomplishments are valuable to their team. Market your unique background and skills with thoughtfully written, exceptionally-prepared content. Never use uninspired cookie cutter language found on other members’ LinkedIn profiles or you’ll be quickly dismissed and passed over for your competition’s better written career summary. Tell your own story to attract invitations to interview. Did you know that employers vet you based on how well you’ve prepared your LinkedIn profile? They use it as a key tool to compare you to similar talent throughout their interview process, before your first phone screening andduring your on-site meetings. It plays a much more important role than you might realize. From recruiter to HR manger to upper level leadership, your profile’s content is thoroughly evaluated to determine your transferable skills and fit to their organization’s culture.

Will your profile “views” increase with improved content? Absolutely! Your resume and profile will be viewed by employers searching for you. However, the hallmark of a successfully managed search is generating INTERviews, results. Think of this analogy: A skilled fisherman knows the difference between a bite and a catch. The first is a teaser, and the second feeds him. Similarly, you need to know the difference between a view and a result. A profile view isn’t a result and an electronic connection isn’t necessarily a relationship. Remain fully focused on creating a mutual dialogue with the internal decision makers to create opportunities to interview; don’t waste your valuable time on distractions. One unnecessary distraction for job seekers lacking clear direction is micromanaging resume and profile content, tweaking a phrase, mistaking this rewriting activity for driving results, a huge waste of time. You are responsible for your results so stay focused on getting hired.

Optimize your job search by automating LinkedIn’s Jobs alerts to receive daily e-mailed ads once you’ve identified targeted roles or companies  This saves valuable time and expedites your search. You’ll never run out of job leads when you wisely use this great tool to be highly efficient and productive in increasing your interviews. In addition to these saved alerts, check your e-mail, Home and Jobs pages for Linkedin’s “Jobs You May Be Interested In”. Your exceptionally written personal profile content helps LinkedIn’s automated search results identify jobs matching your experience and transferable skills. Save time, introduce yourself to employers, and apply!

Use your LinkedIn network to market your valuable skills, ask for help, develop mutually-beneficial relationships, endorse and recommend colleagues. Evaluate your Skills section to make sure that it lists your top ten most impressive, relevant, transferable skills. Participate in stimulating group discussions by sharing your expertise, growing your influence, and offering to assist others. LinkedIn can be an incredibly powerful ally in your job search when you master marketing strategies using the site’s tools. Driving a focused personal marketing campaign helps you to cultivate relationships with hiring leaders and increases interviews when you’re consistent and persistent in your daily job hunting activities. When you introduce and market yourself directly to hiring managers before sending your resume, you’re doing something differently than hundreds of applicants as a proactive, personable, enthusiastic go-getter. Remember that you are the magic so when you work smart and are determined to succeed, you will connect with your next great opportunity.

If your job search doesn’t appear to have an end in sight, let’s have a conversation. I’m confident that you’ll learn a new perspective on how to expedite your hiring through direct introductions to hiring leaders using LinkedIn. I’ve helped hundreds of talented clients connect with new jobs and I look forward to speaking with you.

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Deborah E. Rooney, M.S., Ed, is the owner of Power Resumes & Coaching. She coaches new grads, seasoned professionals, and adults in career transition to identify and market their outstanding transferable skills and core competencies to attract new jobs where they’ll thrive. Deborah teaches job hunters how to optimize LinkedIn as a powerful catalyst to connect with their network of colleagues to find great opportunities. She works with her clientele to improve both resume and LinkedIn profile content. As a LinkedIn Connector, she uses her network to introduce clients to hiring managers.

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