CareerPal, a new online professional networking platform connects job seekers with industry experts

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CareerPal is an online platform where students and career changers can boost their chances of getting hired by receiving one-on-one career coaching from professionals within the industry or organization they wish to pursue.

At CareerPal, our goal is to help students and professionals who are looking to reach that next level or explore a new path receive quality one-on-one career advice from authorities in that field while at the same time allowing these seasoned experts to build their leadership skills and professional reputation by coaching others and receiving valuable feedback. What makes CareerPal unique is that we’ve built a mechanism that allows these professional experts to receive monetary compensation once they have cultivated an outstanding reputation.

Youth unemployment in particular has reached crisis proportions, which is 13%, double the overall jobless rate in North America. Without the ability to find good high paying jobs, these students are losing precious years of potential career development and are being forced to delay other important life goals like starting families or owning a home.

While we agree that there are many causes, one of the big factors we hear from both recent grads and industry veterans is that students don’t have the personal and professional relationships that make it easier to get their foot in the door.  A recent Huffington Post survey reveals that lack of connections or familiarity is a big factor (22% surveyed) in not being able to start their career. They don’t have the connections to know who to contact in their industry. They aren’t taught how to tailor their resume, or how to prepare for an interview in their field.  The same article said that 66% of those surveyed saw mentoring and networking as critically important.

The reality is that there aren’t a lot of great opportunities for students to network with industry professionals.  There aren’t a lot of in-person events that both groups attend, and most online platforms limit access to those who you already have connections with. There’s no incentive for professionals to get introduced to students.

We believe that establishing yourself in your dream career should not be this complicated. As we all know, networking is the most important tool when it comes to successfully landing a new position; we believe that lack of access should not inhibit an individual’s potential career growth. Most job seekers either don’t have the right network or the skills to market themselves to potential employers. Our goal is to level the playing field by offering everyone an equal opportunity to get professional career advice from experts within any industry.

We achieve this goal by creating a win-win situation in which students and those in flux receive help from a professional expert who in turn gains important leadership experience.

For a student or someone looking for a new career path, the opportunity to directly connect one-on-one with working professionals within any industry or organization is priceless. This connection helps address various career questions, such as, “How should I tailor my resume effectively?” or, “How should I practice for an interview?” or, “What are the steps I should take to earn an internal referral for an open position?”

What’s in it for the experts, you ask? CareerPal experts are rated by every user they help. This rating not only builds their career profile and reputation but also sharpens their leadership skills. As if that weren’t enough, experts also have the option to monetize their time and effort by charging the user a nominal fee for their services.

In short, we’ve put together a marketplace that will allow experts to capitalize on all those years of hard-earned experience. Not only are they assisting others at a pivotal point in their careers, they are also bolstering their leadership skills and getting paid for it.

We acknowledge that there are a number of professional platforms that help leverage your current network. But options are limited when you lack connections within your ideal organization.

At CareerPal, everyone has the rare opportunity to connect with a professional who has taken the very direction they wish to pursue. Users can be confident that they are going to receive solid advice from someone who’s “walked the walk.”

Enjoy peace of mind as your time and money are put to good use connecting you with an expert who can provide insight on everything from wowing a recruiter and landing an interview to securing a coveted internship or asking for that big promotion. Explore all your future can be with CareerPal: professional networking, simplified.

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